EM06-A extra pins?

Just got my EM06-A today and plugged in the antenna into the slot labeled M, but then noticed the G and D labeled connectors and was wondering what the U.FL connectors are for?

Hello, G is for GPS/GNSS antenna. The D is for a diversity antenna.
Antennas - x3 (Main, Diversity and GNSS Antennas).

Thanks for the clarification, but what is a diversity antenna?

Diversity tuning is usually made to improve reception by overcoming multi-path interference by using two antenna, at two physically different points. For instance, one antenna at the front of a car, and one antenna at the rear of the car. Multi-path is a condition between a signal’s original arrival and the same signal arriving delayed after reflection from objects such as clouds and ground structures.
I do not have the EM06-A, my answer applies to diversity, generically.
Here is a brief explanation as it applies to cellular. May have more to do with MIMO in this case.

Ok thanks for the response, that actually sounds like a useful feature for some not sure it applies to my use case.