Educational Help

Hey all,
I want to give back to the Khadas Community, but my lack of knowledge is holding me back from doing so. I have some ambitious ideas, but would like some guidance on where to start. Here’s just some of my ideas (any feedback on the feasibility would be greatly appreciated along with where to start learning). I know these projects will most likely never be done, but working towards them will help me learn.

3D printing hub
Livefeed Support
Remote control of printer(s)
Remote exchanging of files
Check status of printer(s)

Archlinux Smartphone
Call, text, and data
Compatible with most archlinux ARM applications/programs
4G, 3G, and/or LTE
Compatible with most, if not all carriers (worldwide)

Discrete Augmented Reality
JeOS that acts like a personal assistant (remembering things, voice recognition, health, and etc)
Hidden from plain sight/blends in with clothing
Syncs with phone
Controlled with hand gestures/voice/head movement
Syncs with home automation


Hello, Those do sound ambitious and interesting. Maybe this thread will provide some inspiration.