EdgeV with several options: assembly hints (in particular screws?)

For my brand-new EdgeV, I also purchased the active cooling, MX2 and Juice extensions (let forget the DIY case, for now, that requires adaptations).
With most of them, came one or two screw sets but, despite being a mechanical engineer, I find it hard to determine which screw set to use and in which direction;
I now have a combination that seems to work but is there any documentation, somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

@kialabi Hi, what accessories did you buy, can you take a picture? We will give you an installation tutorial according to the content you purchased

Thank you.

I will send a picture as soon as I can (i.e. not right now) but to answer you question briefly, I purchased the following items:

  • Edge-V Max
  • Active Cooling (incl. fan)
  • MX2 Extension (new version)
  • Juice extension (most recent one)
    ¨ DIY Case (although I was fully aware that it could not contain the MX2 extension)

Fastening the fan on the cooling radiator was easy. Then I realized that only 4 screws had to be used to assmble the motherboard, active cooling and MX2 extenstion together. I did it in a satisfactory way (using the longest screws)

Even leaving the MX2 extenion aside, it is not clear to me (for example) how I should fix the DIY case baseplate (metal base). Same for the Juice extension … (for the latter, there is clear lack of information)

Does it make my problem clearer?

(FYI, I’m an electro-mechanical engineer with a very practical mindset. I have a long experience in assmbling and also disassembling, tearing down … - so, the issue here is not skills-related)

Thanks in advance.

Here below a few photos. No clue about Juice extension. I’m afraid it is either Juice and no MX2 (or the other way around) but that you cannot have both.

@kialabi The juice board and M2X cannot be used at the same time.

OK. Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Yet, this does not tell me how to fix and connect the Juice extension. Is there any documentation somewhere?


Now clear. Thanks.
Point may be closed.