EdgeV h265 Video Decoding and Rendering

We are developing on the Edge-V and need to be able to decode h265 and then play it. We started with kernel 4.4 and Rockchip MPP, and everything seemed to be going OK. Once we got video playing we realized that while we could decode 4k 8bit at 120fps, we got very low rendering fps because there are no GPU drivers on 4.4. So the GPU drivers seem to only support kernel 5.2 and above. We then tried to get the Rockchip MPP working on kernel 5.2+ with no luck (using fenix). There seems to be a rkvdec video decode driver for kernel 5.7+ in staging/media, but it doesn’t look like it supports h265.

So to my question.
Where do we go from here. It looks like there is no overlap between the GPU driver Panfrost and a h265 decoder driver for the rk3399. Or could I just be missing something obvious?

Which image ? There have gpu drivers for Edge with 4.4 kernel.

Please use LXDE desktop if you want X11 driver.

We have tried most images. We need EGL or Vulkan, then also the decoder driver in the same kernel.

Please check LXDE desktop image with 4.4 kernel, and check whether glmark2-es2 works. It should works.

Ok thanks. I’ll give that a try.

What drivers are being used in the lxde? And why are they not used in other environments?

Need special xserver version which only works with lxde desktop.

Thanks. We got it working. But with glxgears and glmark2-es2 at 4k only getting around 10fps. We are also running into issues where the board will inconsistently not boot to 4.4 or take up to 20 minutes to boot properly (built with fenix)