Edge2 Pro won't start with the touchscreen TS050 connected

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas Edge 2 Pro with the official 22W Khadas charger

Please describe your issue below:

Hello Khadas fans!
I brought a brand new Khadas Edge 2 Pro, which is working as a charm.
The problem I have is when I connect the TS050 Khadas Touchscreen to the MIPI-DSI1 interfaces of the board. Then the board wont start at all.
Does anyone successfully set up the touchscreen with Edge2?

This document mainly introduces the connection and usage of TS050.

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Thanks @ivan.li

It worked.

Now is there a way to increase the brightness? I noticed that during boot the display brightness reduces automatically before the Gnome is fully loaded.

Is there also a way to rotate the screen? It is on ‘Portrait’ mode (event if Ubuntu says it’s on Landscape). When I try to rotate the screen from the Ubuntu desktop options, everything starts flickering.


You can setup via the system settings.

Thanks! @numbqq
The brightness change was really so easy, from the top-right corner menu of Ubuntu, where the sound bar is. I just forgot about this option.

I also figured out the flickering problem when changing the screen orientation.
The problem disappears when I logout and log-in again via ‘x11’, instead of ‘wayland’ backend (choosing “Ubuntu on Xorg” from the login screen settings), and now I can rotate the screen from the Displays settings.
Still can’t change the resolution (no other options than ‘1080x1920’ from the Displays settings). But it is good enough for now.

Thanks again!

Yes, the screen only has 1080x1920 resolution.