Edge2 OTG connection to a car infotainment system

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Official khadas image

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I am attaching Khadas Edge2 to my car which have a mirroring feature using an application called carbitlink (easy connection previously)

If I attached my mobile the car detects it and connect. Also I tried to attach my tablet and also worked, but khadas is not detected by the car unit

Same what happened before with raspberry pi 4 which uses the power port to be otg port as well

I thought Khadas Edge2 will work because I read somewhere the other usb c port is working as otg, the other one for power delivery

Any recommendations or it won’t work?

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@Hesham1216 Are you saying that the previous version is OK? Which firmware version is that?

No, (easy connection is the name of the application)

I am using the latest firmware that released on 16 January

If I used older Android version it will work?

I used odroid board n2+ and it worked but khadas is much much faster

I am using this in car project and if worked I will use it commercially and maybe buy hundreds of khadas edge 2 <3

Odroid n2+ trials:

@Hesham1216 Does this problem need to be reproduced in the car? Can you tell me the detailed steps to reproduce the problem? Because I haven’t fully understood what you said.

Thank you for your response and sorry I didn’t want to disturb you programmers of khadas team as I know you are busy, but I will try to explain more…

The car (Geely monjaro) (in China: xingyue L)

Car comes with android Headunit touch screen, and it support mirroring your mobile phone to the car screen through application named “carbitlink”

Like this one: Mirror Link || Screen Mirroring || Screen Sharing || CarbitLink in T3- P9 Android car stereo - YouTube

(car android Headunit can be programmed separately but this will void warranty)

So my idea is to use Single Board Computer (like: raspberry pi, odroid, khadas) to act as a mobile phone and mirror to the car Headunit

This will make a mobile phone (or tablet) with USB A port

USB A port will be used to connect adapter like this one (https://amzn.eu/d/0r0y8x9) to mirror to car

So instead of programming the car Headunit and void the warranty of car, I want to use khadas edge 2 to be mirrored to car by carbitlink application and khadas act as a mobile phone device or tablet

So khadas edge 2 is the tablet that connect to car and be mirrored

Usually mobile phone support (otg usb) connection so carbitlink works

But when connecting khadas Edge2 it did not work

So I wonder does it accepts otg?

You know otg right? It makes usb act either host or device

Only Type-C port with red arrow below has OTG function, while other ports do not.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried all usb ports and it doesn’t detect the otg cable unfortunately…

I think khadas otg won’t work because the usb c is sharing power delivery with otg…

Just like what happened with raspberry pi…

@Hesham1216 Can you record a video for us to watch? We want to reproduce the problem you mentioned and solve it.

Ok brother thanks for your response.

I will go to car and record a video and upload…

I just got my Edge2 yesterday specifically to use in my car. I loaded Android and use Headunit Reloaded to basically turn the Edge2 into an Android Auto headunit.

So far everything is working great. It boots fast, connects to the factory input device in my car via bluetooth which is equivalent to a mouse and then after it boots, Tasker starts Headunit Reloaded. The Edge2 starts automatically when my car starts and when my phone connects to my car’s Bluetooth, it turns on my hotspot. The Khadas Edge2 connects to my phone’s hotspot and then Android Auto starts.


Edge 2 to be honest one of the best sbc’s out there!!
Happy to see it worked great for you, enjoy bro…

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