Edge2 OOWOW from May not booting

As the title says, the latest May OOWOW image for the Edge2 is unbootable. The device gets stuck with the left LED staying white. No monitor output, nothing. Flashed using Arch Linux via rockchip-burn.

Restoring https://dl.khadas.com/products/edge2/firmware/oowow/versions/edge2/edge2-oowow-240523.557-spi.img.gz gets the system back to a working condition.

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Hello @erayrafet

Which image you mean? What the version of the image ? The image type is SD or SPI?

You mean edge2/edge2-oowow-240523.557-spi.img.gz works for you , right?

I meant restoring https://dl.khadas.com/products/edge2/firmware/oowow/versions/edge2/edge2-oowow-231209.128-spi.img.gz works.
spi only

240523 is borked.

Ok, got it, the link about you post is wrong.

Anyway, we will check this issue.

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Hi, I have the same problem where I can’t project anything, but how do I get the device detected by the PC?
I’ve tried connecting it with a usb c to the pc by clicking 3 times quickly to activate the update mode but nothing to do

Please make sure you use the right port and maybe you can also try other USB Host or cables.

You can check the device with lsusb

$ lsusb | grep Rockchip
Bus 001 Device 025: ID 2207:350b Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company
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240527 successfully boots!
What’s the changelog compared to 231209?

and why isnt it being automatically updated from oowow? @hyphop

It kinda upgrades the screen resolution scale on certain monitors… thats my only reason for upgrading and needing at least a version prior to that of May in my case.

Added new feature: Image download mirror.

Still under testing.


No need to update oowow manually from dl.khadas.com - Index of /products/oowow/system/versions/edge2/

this folder provides different images for many cases which may be just for testing and not for common usage

All updates going automatically from one approved to another version

if your system works and notify about an update its means you are using the latest approved checked version

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The latest approved is from May 2023. Quite outdated in terms of how quick software evolves. On another note, when’s the switch to BSP kernel 6.1 is gonna happen?

if we talking about oowow, in our case
we don’t have any reason to use latest kernels
about oowow approved version, right its not often

PS: we are preparing new big oowow updates for all our boards with new features very very soon


Good to know.
What about Fenix and Android?

I reported some typos that are still there. :person_shrugging:

I could imagine it having characters limit… and them removing a c to make it whole. But… only khadas can confirm/check/fix. While other typos can be fixed.

please ask about this in another forum threads

Tnx alot we will fix it too