Edge2 mipi csi or mipi-csi-2?

Dear khadas team,
It is mentioned in Edge2 Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.10 V1.2-221018 First Release change that:
“Add IMX415 MIPI camera support”
Apparently imx415 is a mipi csi-2 but khadas edge2 is mipi-csi.

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What you mean about this ?

Is there any difference between mipi csi and mipi csi-2?
If there is difference, so imx415 that is a mipi csi-2 is not compatible with khadas edge2 that support mipi csi

Hello @aliliaei

IMX415 can work on Edge2.

Yes in fact you can buy them here:

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Thanks for all answers. Is this camera compatible with khadas edge2?

Hi, i think it has to be mpi csi 2 so this one may not fit.

I’ve checked the one from springershop and it works fine but they sell them without a lens.

I bought it here: