Edge2 Input Voltage

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Does the Edge2 need a regulated input voltage? On the documentation I received with my Edge2 board, it shows an input voltage range of 9-20V. If I have a battery with a nominal voltage of 14.4V and a range of 16.8V-12V (fully charged to cutoff), can I just connect the battery to the Edge2 board through the USB-C PD port? The alternative would be to use a regulator to supply the Edge2 board with a fixed 12V. I want to avoid issues, so please let me know what the best practice would be.

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Sorry for the late reply!
For the USBC power supply of Edge2, as long as the voltage is within 9-20V and the power can be satisfied;
If there is no other external device related to the FPC, it is not necessary to switch to a stable 12V level.
If there is a connection, such as FPC LCD screen, it should be evaluated according to the LCD backlight input parameters;
Hope this can help you !

Thank you! That is helpful information.