Edge2 HDMI from USB-C port

Hi. Just wondering whether we can attach a HDMI monitor to the Edge 2 through the secondary USB-C port via an adaptor like this:

Yes, you can. Khadas Edge2 supports Type-C DP 1.4, so you can get video output on Type-C USB port(NOT PD Only port!) through HDMI mirroring cable just like you mentioned.

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also works visually fine using a usb-c to hdmi cable (no adapter needed). but this doesn’t deliver audio. something to do with the dp version support, i believe.

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So what’s the trick?
Boot selector and Ubuntu only work through the HDMI port.
Only OOWOW showed up through USB-C.

I guess I sort of figured it out. For some reason, the USB-C hub’s HDMI stops working after restarting Khadas. To make it work again, I need to remove the Power delivery cable so that the hub resets.