EDGE2 Custom Touch Screen

I have bought a TS050 together with an EDGE2 (haven’t received them yet) but I’m sure that the 350 nits will not be enough for my project.

Anyway, I have found an 5.5-inch touch screen with 1000 nits brightness, with a MIPI interface also using the NT35596 driver ic, I’m planning to design an adapter to match signals, levels, etc, and connect it to MIPI-DS1 on the EDGE2.

I see no reason why this shouldn’t work, has anyone attempted something like this with the EDGE2?

Hello @xand3r

Please make sure the hardware connections are correct.

And also make sure the timing you setup is correct.

Great, Thank you for the info!

Hey guys,
I’m thinking about getting a Waveshare display for using it with Edge2.
Like this: https://www.waveshare.com/4.3inch-DSI-LCD.htm
It’s MIPI DSI compliant, but… will it work?

You may need a adaptor and also need to change the timings.

What adaptor? Which timings?
Does the same apply to bigger Waveshare displays?

The screen FPC cable you used may not the same with us, you can check the pin order of Edge2 screen.

The timing of your screen, current code only support our offical screens, your screen is not supported, so you need to debug.

Yes, also need adaptor and your screen timing.