Edge2 Charger Requirements

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Ubuntu Desktop

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I’m attempting to design a portable device using the Edge2. The Edge2 seems to be using some sort of USB-C PD sync circuit to negotiate a contract with the power source. If I were to power the Edge2 using my own power board would I need to have a USB-C PD source circuit capable of negotiating the power contract, or can I just supply the appropriate amount of power to the VBUS pins of the USB-C port? I was hoping I could just supply a regulated voltage, but I’m concerned that if I don’t have a way of communicating with the USB-C PD sync device on the Edge2 it will limit or open the power path.

If anyone has knowledge and/or experience with this I would certainly appreciate the help.

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You can also choose to use 12V/2V adaptor to supply the power.

The power source will be a battery. I’m designing a circuit board to charge, regulate, and manage the battery. A usb cable will go from my circuit board to the Edge2 board in order to power Edge2. What I’m asking is if I need to add an IC like the TPS69587D to my circuit board to negotiate a power contract with the Edge2. Can I just supply 12V to the VBUS pins, and ignore the communication aspect?

The reason I’m asking is because with some USB-C PD devices, if you don’t negotiate the power contract with the sync device (the Edge2 being the sync device in this case) it won’t allow current to flow. If that’s not needed it obviously makes my life a lot easier, but if it is necessary I’d like to know before I design my circuit board.

Yes, 12V to VBUS will also be fine, in this case no need a PD IC.