Edge2 ARM PC GPIO really not accessable?

Can someone please confirm that the Edge2 Pro that comes in the ARM PC kit actually does NOT have the GPIO access enabled on the board?
Are the headers on the board, but GPIO is not enabled? or are the FFC headers for the GPIO also not on the board?
The reason I ask is that at the top the Edge2 store page states that the ARM PC is just the Maker Kit Edge2 bundled with the case and cooling, but lower down the page it states that the ARM PC board is not the Maker kit Edge2, but a modified version that does not have GPIO access.
The spec sheet PDF only mentions BASIC and PRO, and there the only difference is the RAM/eMMC.

I want to order the ARM PC, but I need the GPIO access. Could anyone clarify that a bit?

I thought I read (but I don’t remember where…) that the ARM PC does have the GPIO access, but that you just can’t PHYSICALLY access it while the board is in the DIY case.

Hello @tk422

We will have Edge2 IO baord for IO extension and will ready soon.

If you want to use IO extension board on ARM PC kit you need to remove the case and attach the IO board.

Ok. Just take it out the case, and you can use all of the GPIO. Sounds good.
Will the IO extension board be required to use the GPIO?


Image is broken

Hello @Spikerguy

Yes, because the IO board is not ready yet.

You can check the silk on the IO board to connect to the serial debug console.

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Tool Pin GND ↔ Pin17 of VIM’s GPIO
Tool Pin TXD ↔ Pin18 of VIM’s GPIO Linux_Rx
Tool Pin RXD ↔ Pin19 of VIM’s GPIO Linux_Tx
Tool Pin VCC ↔ Pin20 of VIM’s GPIO

Edge2 IO board does not have Pin numbers on silkscreen

Thanks Spikerguy. But, that link is broken.
Did you meant this?:

Thank you guys for responding. I don’t’ mean to be difficult, but I’m not following what you’re trying to tell me.
I can’t find what that link is referring to. There aren’t any ‘Linux’ or ‘Linus_Rx’
anywhere in

There are many headers on the board designated 17, 18.19.20. Which header is that refering to?

My original question was if GPIO was actually accessable on the Edge2 that comes with the ARM PC kit. But now it sounds like, for some reason,one would have to buy the breakout
board (once it it available) in order to be able to access IO. But that doesn’t
make sense to me.
Looking at EXTIO 1 and EXTIO 2 in the above PDF,
I am guessing that ‘EXTIO 1’ & ‘EXTIO 2’ are represented on the physical board
by headers IO1 & IO2 according to the images of the Edge2 in the Edge2 user manual.

I assume that, if I attach a FFC to IO1 and IO2 I can use the EXTIO 1:
24,25(I2C), EXTIO 1: 17-20(SPI), and EXTIO 1: 6-11(SDMMC) along with EXTIO 2
I2S and MCU connections with my own projects and not need a breakout board.
will I, for some reason, need to purchase your breakout board in order to access
IO from the edge2?

Nuth’n, huh? Was it something I said?

Hello @tk422

Yes, if you want to use the GPIOs, you need an Edge2 IO board.

Thanks numbqq. I appreciate your response.

I think I’m starting to get it. So, is there a communication chip on the IO board, then?
Am i correct in thinking the RK3588S>VCCIO1 i2s will send and receive all GPIO communication out to a chip on the external IO board through EXTIO 2?

Check here:

GPIO header is on the external IO board?

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yes that should be the case

OK, I think I am asking the question wrong. I just realized I am using the term GPIO incorrectly. What I mean to say is ‘any communication channel’.

I think my correct question is this:
Can I use the i2c, i2s, SPI, SARADC, and other communication channels on the EXTIO 1 & 2 without needing the external IO board?

No, you can’t. These pins are from EXTIO 1 & 2 and an external IO board is needed.

OK. Well. That’s a bummer.

Maybe a VIM4 would be better for me then. Thanks for the help.