Edge2 - any chance of a (semi)official battery/juice board?

The one thing the original Edge had, but the Edge2 seems to lack is the ability to add a battery, with full support (i.e. no janky USB-PD powerbanks that can’t report battery percentage, etc., but a full BMS).

Are there any plans to have either a Pogo-pin attachment, or an IO connector expansion that allows adding a 2S/3S battery pack?


Sorry for taking so long to reply to you.
Our Edge2 board does not support expansion to implement battery management functions. We will evaluate your needs internally to see if the next generation of products will support it accordingly.

An RK3588 on a Edge/Captain combo would Rock… (Ship).

Puns aside, please consider. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with @andrebraga here - one of the main reasons of my choice behind the original Edge was the battery addon (then in turn was let down by the poor options for ready-made cases, as none of them would accommodate the Edge with the battery board installed, let alone with the actual battery there).

The Edge2 is a refined model, with an even better case, but the lack of option for battery power is quite annoying. It is the perfect device to have a custom system with support for the various AR glasses available, small, belt-mountable with minimal modification… But without a battery it is useless.