Edge2 - Android 12 Bugs

Help needed with following Edge2 Android 12 problems

‘User’ instead of ‘userdebug’ built firmware(1-2)

  1. You can’t use a mp4 bootvideo, it does’t display, only a bootanimation.zip works, but on userdebug built firmware, a mp4 bootvideo works correctly.

  2. Screensaver settings not working correctly on ‘user’ firmware

  3. TvSettings - Device - Advanced Settings - Performance Dialog - It shows a negative value for free RAM

  4. Some apps and launchers detect battery as 50% and show a half empty battery icon, is there a way to report 100% battery to apps since power is plugged in and it doesn’t use a battery?

  5. Some way needed, an app or setupwizard to auto pair different bluetooth remotes on the first boot with ‘box’ firmware with added TvSettings so you don’t need to use 2 different remotes, a non-bluetooth one to open bluetooth settings and click pairing dialogs first to pair and then your bluetooth one.