Edge2 and Xilinx Artix-7 MIPI CSI-2 issue

I have issue with connecting and video streaming from FPGA Xilinx Artix-7 MIPI CSI-2 TX Xilinx IP core to Khadas Edge 2.

I try to use example app and resistive model D-PHY U14.239 from

My console output log:

Jan 29 07:49:42 Ubuntu kernel: [ 370.429100] rkcif-mipi-lvds3: intstat 0x1000000
Jan 29 07:49:42 Ubuntu kernel: [ 370.429105] rkcif-mipi-lvds3: ERROR: csi size err, intstat:0x1000000, lastline:0!!
Jan 29 07:49:42 Ubuntu kernel: [ 370.436692] rkcif-mipi-lvds3: intstat 0x1

Please help me found right solution!

Hello @AdLab

Please make sure the hardware connection is correct.

We only tested MIPI camera on Edge2, please make sure whether you have the correct driver for your device.