Edge2 and TS050 Screen Orientation Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Fenix Desktop

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Khadas Image build 230425

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Screen malfunctions in landscape orientation.

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I have the TS050 and the Edge2. I have updated the firmware and OS to the latest versions available from Khadas as of now. I followed the instructions in the documentation regarding physically connecting the display and editing the device tree overlay config file to get the screen working.

The screen seems to work fine when the image has a portrait orientation. However, when I change the orientation in the OS display settings in order to get the image into a landscape orientation, the screen will flicker and go black. For my application I need a landscape orientation. I do not need a portrait orientation or rotation.

One thing I should mention is that the OS display setting listed as, “Landscape,” actually displays a portrait orientation on the screen (i.e. oriented vertically). This is the setting the screen works as expected. When I change the OS display setting to, “Portrait,” the display actually has a landscape orientation. This is when the screen malfunctions.

I appreciate any help with this issue.

Thank you.

Hello @Chris_O

@ivan.li will help you to check this issue.

Update: When I have an HDMI monitor plugged into the Edge2 along with the TS050 I can set the orientation on TS050 however I want without any issues. The HDMI monitor doesn’t need to be an active display, it just needs to be plugged in. I can even unplug the HDMI monitor after I log in, and the TS050 will continue to work as it should. However, If I log out or reboot (or not have the HDMI monitor plugged-in in the first place) the screen will malfunction as described in my original post.

Plugging in an HDMI is not a solution for me, but I thought it might be a clue as to what’s happening.
I’m a little baffled by this behavior. I would think if there was something wrong with the driver, such as timings or initialization, it would malfunction all the time. I’m hoping one of the experts on here can tell me what the problem might be. It would also be helpful to know if this issue is reproducible for anyone else.

It seems that the screen issue was most likely either a defective Edge2 or an incompatible Edge2 PCB version (v11).

One of the chips on my Edge2 burned up making the SBC non-functional, so I had to replace it. The screen orientation works as expected on this new PCB version, so I’m assuming that the problem was either due to the v11 version PCB (the new one I got is v12), or maybe that the older Edge2 PCB I had was defective. As far as I know nothing else changed.