Edge2 5.10/6.1 kernel Ubuntu 24.04 first release

Hello Community!

Here we release the new version of Ubuntu 24.04 1.6.8-240605 for Edge2.

Change logs:

For both:

  • New kernel version 6.1 - Testing
  • Add Ubuntu 24.04 support

For 6.1 kernel

  • Same features as 5.10 kernel

For 5.10 kernel

  • Compatible with both IMX415 and OS08A10 cameras
  • Enable Panfrost open-sourced GPU driver as default when dist is Ubuntu 24.04

Known Issues:

For both

  • HDMI + MIPI dual display: MIPI screen will not work well if connect both HDMI + MIPI screen to bootup
    • Walkaround - Only connect MIPI screen to bootup, then attach HDMI cable dual display will work

For 6.1

  • Both camera is not ready
  • Panfrost open-sourced GPU drvier is not ready
  • Can driver is not ready


Install via OOWOW

If you want to do a full clean installation, you can use OOWOW to install the image online.

Install with the downloaded image

You can also download the image from our download site. And install it with burn-tool

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image! All feedback from your side are welcome!!



7 Days, 7 Good News

Aleluiaa! :smiley:

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Is Chromium playback still an issue? Anyone know if the new Armbian 6.1 Noble supports Chromium video playback?

Hello @nmajin

Latest version edge2-ubuntu-24.04-gnome-linux-6.1-fenix-1.6.8-240605.img.xz fixed this issue.

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It should be supporting gpu and vpu accel

Yes, it does with Gnome desktop variant.

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So I ended up installing ubuntu 6.1 from the online installer and I got no GPU support…this was a basic install, any idea why?

Chromium was installed via PiApps, to get BetterChromium support. Wondering if this could be the reason, but also, why is Processor blank there?

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Now perhaps try best Chromium support where VPU actually works out of the box …

So I am trying the latest stable Armbian and it’s just as bad haha. OS doesn’t seem to have the drivers installed, Chrome is sluggish and not using GPU, CPU is spiked at 50-80%.

This is not working out of the box, what’s the catch?

Screenshot from 2024-06-09 09-55-30
Screenshot from 2024-06-09 09-58-36

You need to run Wayland session, X11 is not supported. Which should be OOB. I can assure you video acceleration works. You can play 4K Youtube without a problem.

How do you enable it? No gear option in the login window, no documentation from searching Google, tried setting the flag in the gdm3 config.

Definitely not working out of the box. But that is fine if I can get Wayland then working but how?

Yes, I see. It used to work OOB on previous builds.

I am sorry, but this is all I know.

I’m confused. You claim that GPU is supported out of the box but on a brand new install X11 is the Window manager and there is no way to change it over to Wayland?

GPU support for this board has not been great. The one custom OS I was able to get working completely worked for a month until an apt upgrade killed the OS lol.

You are using x11 fool xD try wayland to start with… x11 is a dead end on rk3588.
Log out your session the type of GDM will be listed on password login in a button somewhere.

Correct. It is set to default and it used to be default but now its broken for some reason. I opened a bug and it will probably be fixed eventually.

I already told you that I don’t know. I spent 30 minutes trying to resolve this, more I can’t possibly afford.

As far as Armbian goes, it share support issues with all other 3588 boards. If this is broken here, its broken elsewhere too. Once fixed for other, fix is automatically here. Desktop code and VPU / desktop acceleration is pretty much the same.

Out of quick diagnostic, probably the problem is in latest MESA drivers, which are sadly only unstable until today, are broken to some degree and desktop fails to load wayland session. This is still a pure guess, my 2c.

This is expected. Investment into software development are super small. Sales of same work with different wallpapers exceeds cooperation.

We found the source of problem. This board is using different boot mechanism than most of others, where this works. New images will be release once done, probably during next week.


Thanks for digging into this!

Hi nmajin. Can you test https://github.com/efectn/armbian-builds/releases/download/20240614-1711/Armbian-unofficial_24.8.0-trunk_Khadas-edge2_noble_vendor_6.1.43_gnome-oibaf_desktop.img.xz

I’ve built and tested it recently and should have proper VPU/GPU support.

Official builds coming up too. Tested once again, 4K video works perfectly on Gnome + Chromium, sound works.

(few hours there might be slow or 404 download)

:heavy_plus_sign: kernel 6.10 for enthusiasts

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