Edge1 local damage - what functionality is broken?

Hi Khadas, unfortunately, I crushed 3 SMD components on my Edge-V board behind the SD slot: see the red circle on the picture (I used a too long fixing screw through a hole in the new M2X adaptor). It looks like two resistors and one capacitor. The board still seems to run OK, but I suppose some functionality will be crippled. Can you tell me what kind of problems I may expect? Thank you.

Hello @wanthalf the damaged components R166, R167, are related to USB-C DP port voltage detect pin

and C122 ADC_IN4 filter.

Your USB-C DP port may have issues.

Thanks for exact identification! Fortunately, I do not need USB-C DP functionality. Will it also affect other use of that USB-C port?

Otherwise, I am more bugged by completely unrelated issues which (as I believe) started with the use of NVMe SSD in the M2X adapter:

  • sometimes the NVMe/PCIe SSD is not detected at boot and the Edge boots from MMC instead of the SSD
  • on connecting power, the device often get into some strange state: the red LED is on and I have to hold power button for a long time to turn it completely off (blue RED on), then I can turn it on normally with the press of the power button again; actually the same happens when I “poweroff” the device from the OS

Or did I just mess up something with the SPI/u-boot while making it boot from the NVMe?

Ok, so the VBUS monitoring is apparently crucial for any USB function of the port, at least if working as “device”. I am still not sure how does it affect the more common role of USB “host”.

As for the ADC_IN4: it does not seem to be connected to anything else in the schema. Not even the GPIO header. What is its function?