Edge-V : WiFi not connected - No devices found on Bluetooth

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Edge-V Max with Android 11 (?) from Khadas

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas’ official Android image for Edge-V (pre-installed)

Please describe your issue below:

NOTE: no antenna has been fixed (hints as to how to position the antennas, in particular in a DIY case, are welcome) but the devices and routers are less than 1 meter from the Edge-V

Issue : WiFi is correctly detected but connection silently fails (no diagnostic) repeatedly. Bluetooth devices are not even detected (whereas there are several very close to the Edge-V. I’m no newbie to Android (and an ICT professional); I don’t have the impression to have skipped some steps but you never know …

Any hints or suggestions ?. Thanks in advance.

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@kialabi Can you take a photo and paste it out for a look about the wifi antenna connection?

Thank you. I will post a photo but the main point of this topic has more or less been solved. I have indeed now put the antenna’s (the board is not in a case yet, as it has extensions) but it looks like the “problems” are elsewhere:

  1. Regarding WiFi, actually, it seems that despite having activated “Use WiFi if accessible” (or something along these lines), the board doesn’t switch to it as long as the network cable is in. You may consider it is normal (but then it’s just that the caption is a bit confusing). As soon as I plugged off the cable, the board connected to WiFi with the credentials it had stored.
  2. Regarding Bluetooth, it is a bit stranger. With the antenna, it detects 2 devices (my laptop and my iPhone) but it doesn’t detect may 1byOne BT keyboard (despite the keyboard being at this time in binding mode - blue light flashing). However, there might be an issue on the keyboard side because having removed it from either other device, I’m not sure the laptop sees it either … (To be further investigated)

Now, my side question remains (for which I will post a photo): how should the antenna’s be positioned if the board is put in a DIY case? There are many openings in the case that one wouldn’t want to block and, on the other hand, one wouldn’t want to bend the antenna’s nor their connecting wires.

Regarding the antenna themselves, currenrly they are connected with the wires perpendicular to the edge of the board near the I-PEX connectors (the M-antenna on the M-connector and the B one similarly)