EDGE-V USB-C issues (devices and DP alt mode) and fan control on 5.x/mainline kernel

I’m struggling to get the USB-C port (the one with DP attached) working with 5.x or mainline kernel.

The EDGE-V board does not power-up (nor detect) any device connected to the USB-C (with the DP) port.
Connecting the USB-C display, does not work also - no device is detected by the board.

This seems to be valid only for images based on 5.x. Verified with official images, Krescue provided ones and with kernel manually upgraded to the latest mainline from @hyphop (Release 0.13: kernel version up 5.13 · khadas/khadas-linux-kernel · GitHub)

The other issue is the control of fan (the official Khadas PWM). It spins at full speed, even though the fan=auto is added to kernel options. Any way to control that device from userspace?

Both the USB-C (and USB-C DP output) and fan control does work for Android and 4.x based images (ie. Edge_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_EMMC_V0.8.3-20200110).

Does (as I believe it should work) the USB-C work on 5.x at all?
Is the DP alt mode available at all with the 5.x kernels? Do we need DTB tuning or some patches to enable it?

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I was wondering exactly the same thing, would be really useful having this dual USB-C(3.0 & DP) capability working on mainline 5.X as it does with RockPro64 for example.

In our cases, since we’re losing USB2 port functionality already on Edge-V Pro due to proximity to USB-C PD port which causes strain to port connectors when both ports are being used simultaneously.

It will definitely come in handy having a USB-C Host capability on Mainline 5.X w/ Edge-V USB-C(3.0 & DP) port.

i felt the same frustration… but the ubuntu_lxde_bionic_4.4 has both DP alt mode (no audio yet) and battery juice module working which is something. try that!