Edge-V technical details (Pre-sales)

I wish to have more technical information on the Edge V (Pro).

I don’t yet have this device, can you please help me solving my pre-sales questions?

Running a stock Debian/Ubuntu CL-only (no heavy GUI): can you (if you have Edge V) measure the file copy speed from an UHS-I (or UHS-II) microSD in the onboard card reader, to the onboard M2 NVMe SSD?

UHS-I cards has a theoretical max read of 104MBps, and UHS-II has 312MBps. M2 SSD has even higher throughput, so my interest is the circuit’s bottleneck here.

How fast could I copy huge video files from a speedy microSD card to the speedy M2 SSD? So what’s the board’s limitation here?

Another question:

I’d add an M2 SSD for storage. Is there any way to use this device passively as a Mass storage device?

I wish to plug this into my computer and copy files from the M2 SSD. How can I do this?
(Very very, hm. very very preferrably without separately powering the board)

Thank you very much!