EDGE-V Power supply

Hello! The instruction tells us the power is 5-20 volts. Can we power the EDGE-V directly from the car battery 12-15V?

Yep, the power range for Edge-V is from 5V to 15V, the 20V will also works but we do few test with 20V input(We might update our spec then).

Good day!

Hi! Is it safe to drive the EDGE-V with the Khadas EDGE-V power supply via the upper usb-c data port (while not connecting to any PC)? If it is safe, is it also already safe for the v11 design of the EDGE-V?

It’s safe.

PS: We didn’t ship V11 version Edge-V to Indiegogo or Khadas Shop backers, only V13 version.

Thanks! I have an older v11 version for testing.

You or your teammate should got the document & notes of the V11 usage, please check it for the details.

That is why I am asking. There it says “don’t do it” but always in conjunction with connecting the EDGE-V to a PC simultaneously.