Edge-V or VIM3? a few questions before ordering

Hello all,
Currently looking for an SBC for a small project: mobile battery-powered navigation device (Android). Will mostly be running OsmAnd/OruxMaps on AOSP.
Considering VIM3 and Edge-V max.

Before I order, I have a few questions:

  1. Low power mode/sleep/suspend to ram is required for the project. Do both models support this? I think so but need to be sure about this. RaspberryPI etc do not support this at all.
  2. Encryption is not mandatory but highly desired. Is it possible to encrypt userdata (/data) and have the android dialog come up while booting to ask for passphrase?
  3. Camera module is desired as well, do these work in Android?
  4. GPS is of course required. I have a few UART gps modules laying around, will those work or are there better options out there?
  5. Looking to use external storage (so no EMMC). Will Android 10 work with this or would I need to compile it myself to make this work?
  6. LTE support would be nice to have, I noticed the module is missing GPS support, but does the LTE module work out of the box with Android 10?
  7. Since i do not need an NPU, leaning towards the Edge-V max. Any reasons to go for VIM3 instead? Best compatibility with AOSP is the biggest point for me I guess :slight_smile:

Lots of questions, hope thats okay… Thanks a lot in advance!

@Maverick welcome aboard:

I’ll try to answer some of your questions but most your answers can be found on the forum itself, its just a matter of searching it per your requirement :wink:

  1. this can be addressed here

  2. was documented here

  3. the OSA810 is the camera module supported officially by khadas

  4. UART GPS module tested here

  5. Android will not run on external storage (due to bootloader reasons)

  6. LTE has been tested to work on Android pie, AOSP should support (most likely, need more proof)

  7. VIM3 is a much less power hungry device, more efficient, and performant, better for a smaller more compact handheld device.

hope this helps, please ask Terry or goenjoy for any extra advice,
best of luck on your project


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Thanks so much!
I will read the links and go from there. :slight_smile:
Seems like 5. might be a show-stopper though :cry:

you can still expand the storage with SD cards, USB thumbdrives, and NVMe SSDs (low power SSDs are better) :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! in order not to mislead you, I’ll put it simply, any product will suit you, vim3 is the latest product from Khadas, Edge is an older product.

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