Edge-V: New VIM's Heatsink

Its funny until you realy try to watch movie with stock fan! :grinning:tenor


Yes, I heard that stock fan is quite a bit loud, but I have this particular fan, which is so silent, it is makes less noise than even a pindrop… :smiley:

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but you have an open board, and the shoe case does not fit

I use my board open nowadays, a small child (who shall not be named) took my box and put it in water…

Water, cardboard’s kryptonite. Bummer.

Now it is just a wet soggy and mushy mess, :nauseated_face:

Never trust kids with electronics, the cardboard case was the closest thing to the vicious hands of the child, If that was my VIM3 I’d be dead by then :cold_sweat:

Of course if something like that happened, I would just toss it in the sack of rice,
it works for mobile phones, why not VIMs ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the child pulled vim out of the box and went to play with the box, what a smart child

No no no, I was working on that plastic case when it happened, so I had the VIM3 with me for taking measurements, the cardboard box accidentally fell on the floor and the child swooped in to take it…

I come out of my room 30 minutes later and I see this wet piece of paper, dipped in a bucket of water in the middle of the house and a baby playing with it, The damage was done, but the baby wouldn’t give it to me, so after a short struggle, I got it, and had no other option other than putting it in the trash…

But no worries, It is just a tiny cardboard box, it can be replaced for virtually nothing…
that is the beauty of it !

Let us not get deviated here due to the circumstances that lead to the incident… :grin: