Edge-V: New VIM's Heatsink

Agree, we just designed with a high speed and super quite cooling fan to balance both good heat spreading and performance. :sunny:

As a “function over form” guy, I prefer option 2. Though personally, I think option 2 looks fine.:grin:

More holes yes
To mount more Alloy, option 2 is a good start,
Like It

hmmm i like the 2º one!

It will be very good if you make the USB ports double (now they are single). This will increase the overall height of the Board and can increase the height of the radiator fins.
And turn the 40-pin connector over to the bottom side of the Board.


Personally, I’m thinking that if the 40-pin GPIO is put on the underside of the board, then that creates space for a wider (not necessarily taller) passively cooled heatsink on the top.

After my investigations in this thread, I’m quite convinced that the VIM2, at least can be passively cooled rather effectively (even with the VIM Heatsink), at an ambient temperature of about 23C.

Of course, placing anything above the heatsink obstructing the convective air flow, will render passive cooling infeasible…

Some Thoughts:

  • A large aluminium heatsink may be more expensive to manufacture.
  • Some people may consider it ugly.
  • From my design background, I know its possible to make these things look cool.

It is possible to combine functions of the top (metal) cover of the case and a radiator. You can use the entire top cover as a large passive cooling radiator.


Yeap we are testing one out! Vim3 thermal with the new heat sink


This worked for me! Half of old cooler from some CPU, its good for passive cooling Edge-V on Android in YouTube - 55-61C

Khadas fan is to noise to use as a TVbox!


Nice sandwich, what video quality are you talking about?
I only have a stock radiator, with a high load on the processor, it also does not rise above 60 °

Cool Tower ! :smiley:

but as I can see, that the heatsink on top is of no use mate…, it only provides a few pinpoint contacts for thermal heat transfer…

buddy, you don’t know about art!

Of course I know about art buddy… :stuck_out_tongue:


All by defolut! But i started testing it on Linux image, and it was a huge difference compared to stock cooler

Yes, I remember this art reproduction

Its funny until you realy try to watch movie with stock fan! :grinning:tenor


Yes, I heard that stock fan is quite a bit loud, but I have this particular fan, which is so silent, it is makes less noise than even a pindrop… :smiley:

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but you have an open board, and the shoe case does not fit

I use my board open nowadays, a small child (who shall not be named) took my box and put it in water…

Water, cardboard’s kryptonite. Bummer.