Edge-v dual mipi flick with camera

Could you please share me dts file for dualmipi display(edge-v)。I modified the dts file according to rk docs, but system can not start(complaining icomposer or hwcomposer error). I think this is because dualmipi configuration conflick with isp camera1 since in that dts file, mipi tx1rx1 is configured for csi camera.

I can not find any docs about dual mipi dts configuration. Waiting for your help!!!

Thks a lot

@wfng1234 Do you use a set of camera interfaces to connect to another Mipi screen? In this case, how can the backlight be turned on?

There is only one screen with 8 lanes dualmipi interface, so there is only one backlight and that is not a problem. Now I disable rkisp1_1 and mipi_dphy_tx1rx1, and enable dsi1 for dualmipi configuration. Is it ok?