Edge-v dsi & tp fpc connectors

I’m urgently needing specifications for the MIPI-DSI and TP FPC cables (pitch, pin count, etc).

Also the component model/number for the respective PCB connectors for building a custom display interface board.

Finally, also need the pinout for both the DSI and TP connectors in the Edge-V board

Thanks in advance!

Hello, May want to look through the Khadas Docs for Edge-V info, under the Hardware section.
Edge-V schematic will give you the Pinouts, connector type and part number, below is page 21 of the Edge-V schematic

Edge-V silk drawing may be helpful for connector location, orientation and identification.
For connector type and pitch, also see Edge-V Specifications.
Hope it helps.


Thank you so much. That was what I was looking for!