Edge-V: Domain: u-boot - Shutdown/poweroff with WoL enabled let board reboot

Describe the bug

I installed the latest Ubuntu Bionic server SD/USB release and flashed the new u-boot into SPI, but after enabling WoL, the board is not shutdown properly. It reboots always after issuing a shutdown or poweroff command.

To Reproduce

  • Enable Wol with kbi trigger wol w 1
  • Poweroff with kbi poweroff
  • Execute wakeonlan <MAC-address>
  • Login into console
  • Execute shutdown or poweroff
  • Board is rebooting again

Expected behavior

  • After issuing a shutdown or poweroff, board does not reboot again

@giminni The kbi command to shutdown is kbi poweroff you can try this command to shutdown in uboot.

Tried and system reboots immediately… Sometime I had to remove the power than Wol works fine the first time after issuing sudo poweroff it reboots immediately. Some wakeup trigger happens.
How can I monitor this stuff at this level?

@giminni sudo shutdown and sudo poweroff both can power off the board.But it takes a certain amount of time to shut down, about 1 to 2 minutes. Because there are some system services that need to disable and waited for .

the problem is not that shutdown/poweroff takes longer, the problem is that after a shutdown, the system reboots immediately without a WoL. Normally the blue led must be always on in poweroff mode, it starts immediately.

@giminni I tested the latest firmware before I answered you. Shutdown is normal and can be shut down. Can you do a test, disable WOL, and then try to shut down properly? Except WOL, have you set anything else or changed anything?