Edge-V: Domain: eMMC What is the right offset for creating a new partition

I am using the built-in eMMC for cache and storage purposes. Therefore I want use a GPT partition table with XFS on top of LVM.

Reading the Rockchip documentation about partitioning. The offset for the boot partition starts at sector 32768 (16MiB).

My partition info is read with sudo gdisk /dev/mmcblk1 and i looks like:

Using 1
Partition GUID code: <omitted> (Linux LVM)
Partition unique GUID: <omitted>
First sector: 32768 (at 16.0 MiB)
Last sector: 61071326 (at 29.1 GiB)
Partition size: 61038559 sectors (29.1 GiB)
Attribute flags: 0000000000000000
Partition name: 'Linux LVM'

What is the offset for mmcblk1boot0, mmcblk1boot1 and mmcblk1rpmb and do I oversee something that is special with Edge-V?

Hello @giminni,

Sorry, I’m not sure what you want to do exactly…

@numbqq EdgeV is preset with an android OS. I want reformat the eMMC because I use it as a local cache. According to the Rockchip doc the boot sector starts at 16MiB (sector 32768).

I know that mmcblk1boot0, mmcblk1boot1 and mmcblk1rpmb are fixed regions reserved at the beginning of the eMMC card, each of them has 4MiB of size.
I created a GPT partition starting from that point.

Is it correct to start from sector 32768 for creating a new partition?

If you plan to use u-boot from eMMC, you should leave the first 16M and create partitions after this mark. Here is an example script that creates a partition table in eMMC and two normal partitions and installs an Armbian system in eMMC.


Thx @balbes150 for this info