Edge-V availability for commercial products


Hi, I’m planning to develop a product with an A72+A53 or A73+A53 SoC, and the Edge-V seems to fill my needs.

I’ve seen the Indiegogo campaign has finished and that the Edge-V is still in preorder (delayed from March I believe). But I don’t know what will be the availability when it comes to quantity, the order time when it’s finally released (if you just do batches of X units every Y time and have to adapt to that, or if you will keep producing it on demand) and the production lifetime.

Any insights on those questions? Also an estimated release date would be appreciated.



Hi Xavi:
Actually, the 1st batch 1000 units Edge-V is ready for SMT process now, which will be ready for shipping on mid May.

Good day!



Great thanks. Will order one to start porting

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