Edge-V Android Touch Screen

I have been setting up a touch screen system for a motorcycle carpc application for a while.
Running android on an Odroid N2 but switched to Khadas as the Odroid cannot support any form of headset protocol under BT

Anyhow long story short, just got the Edge-V to work with BT HFP/HSP thanks to @goenjoy then I went to test it on the bike just today.
To my surprise, the touch screen did not work!

I had never tested it!! ROFL!!

The screens I am using are MPI7001 on the bench and I have a better MPI7002 installed on the bike already.

Product Parameters

  • Size: 7.0 (inch)
  • SKU: MPI7002
  • Resolution: 1024*600 (dots)
  • Touch: five-point capacitive touch
  • Active Area: 154.2144*85.92(mm)
  • Product Size: 164.9*124.27 (mm)
  • Package Size: 21115053 (mm)
  • Rough Weight(Package containing): 405 (g)
  • Power Dissipation: 0.62A5V @1024600

Could someone assist with adding the correct USB-touch screen driver as that seems to be missing?


There are several forum hits on the search term “USB touch screen driver”
An example.
Hopefully an answer can be found that works in your scenario.

@JustSumDad Touch input 90 degrees wrong
You just need to refer to it and know how to deal with it.

I have no touch input at all, its not 90 degrees out, there is none.
It is usb tho so should I follow the steps you outlined for FW V190816 when I am using V210521?


Yes, first try on your own and exhaust all available guides. Meanwhile maybe more suggestions will pop up here.


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Thank you I will give this a go soon as I can.