Edge Ubuntu 18.04 V200110 Release

Here we release new Ubuntu ROMs V200110 for Edge.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROMs.

Change logs:

Vendor u-boot(2017.09) & linux (4.4)

  • updated kernel to 4.4.194
  • added fenix updater package
  • fixed WiringPi
  • added WiringPi Python3 package
  • fixed u-boot installation
  • fixed RT5651 codec
  • enabled SPDIF output
  • added pulseaudio default configration
  • added CEC support for Kodi
  • preinstall firefox browser
  • added system information UI menu
  • added more compress/extract method
  • added cooling FAN UI setting menu
  • added WOL UI setting menu

Mainline u-boot & mainline linux images:

  • U-boot 2020.01-rc5
  • Linux 5.5-rc2
  • Working part:
    • HDMI
    • ETH
    • Wi-Fi
    • BT
    • eMMC
    • SD card
    • USB
    • PCIe
    • HDMI audio
  • added simple KBI support
  • added FAN control
  • added support for Wi-Fi AP6398S

Account info:

  • User: khadas
  • Password: khadas

Upgrade guidance:

Note: As the OTA upgrade is broken, a fresh upgrade is needed!

Fully installation

  • The image name contains EMMC means that it is for EMMC installation, can only burn to eMMC.
    Check Upgrade Via USB Cable to upgrade the firmware.

  • The image name contains SD_USB means that it is for SD installation, can only burn to SD card. Simply dd it to SD card and insert to the board, reset the board will boot from SD card.

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image!

Have fun!