Edge Red Light is on

I turned on my Khadas Edge V today and the red light was on. The white was blinking for about a minute and than was stayed off. I did not change any settings and according to the docs the red light is set to off normally. Any idea what this could mean?

Have you rebooted the device again?
Disconnect all sd and usb drives, if any, and reboot the device.

Yes, done it a couple of times without anything connected except the power.

Light is red with a blinking white light. The white LED blinks twice pause twice pause etc. And the frequency increases. White LED stops after a minute leaving the red light turned on alone.

Check the power supply, better replace it to check!
Make sure your power supply is 12v, 2A

@MikesCo What version of firmware are you using?

Edge_Qt_V200908.7z is installed.

This is probably just the normal heartbeat pattern, shouldn’t be anything concerning,

This was my first thought. Tried 3 different ones but nothing changes.and on another EdgeV we have this is not happening.

Perhaps the board cannot be detected for some reason, try turning on the device and quickly pressing the middle button three times, then restarting it again, and see if this does not help, then it remains to reflash your Edge.

@MikesCo if its just blinking LEDs there is nothing to be concerned about,
If it boots and you are able to use the device don’t worry,
maybe check the LED status settings and change it to your preference


You can first cut a picture of LED settings to see.
Then can you record a video of the problem to me?