Edge+Captain Compatible NVMe SSDs

Hello, I read SATA based M.2 drives are incompatible. I also read that NVMe PCIe 3.0x2 SSDs would have slow performance. Does that mean that a 3.0x2 will not work?
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> I tried a Patriot SCORCH M.2 2280 128GB PCIe 3.0 x2 with NVMe 1.2(N82E16820225108), it was unseen by latest official Khadas A9 Android as well as mo123’s ATV 1.3. Also unseen using balbes150’s Armbian 5.91 on SD.
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> Should I assume from this that PCIe 3.0x2 is incompatible outright?

Update: The above was my original post, much has changed.
The 128GB Patriot SCORCH PCIe 3.0x2 does work on the Captain. It was a new drive and I had failed to format it(:crazy_face:). I used balbes150’s Armbian 5.91 from SD card to format the drive using gparted. After the format, the drive shows up and is useable in both Armbian and mo123’s ATV 1.3. I assume it will show up in Khadas A9 as well.

“A list of known working SSDs would be helpful as well.”
The Patriot 3.0x2 can be added to the list, albeit the slower, budget category.


You can refer to it from this link:

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Hello goenjoy, Thank you for the reply.

The error was mine, I had failed to format the new drive. Used balbes150’s Armbian 5.91 on SD to format the SSD. After the format, Both Linux and mo123’s ATV are able to see and use the drive.
I will edit my OP to reflect the good news. :smile: