Edge Captain can't boot

I tried flash the spi krecue to the spi flash, after flash the spi, I got the boot error on display ( something CRC error), but I can still get into the system (Offical khadas Ubuntu 0.9.1). Then I reboot my Captain and enter into the uboot shell by hit space when rebooting, and use the command “sf write…” to write the uboot to spi, after than my board can’t boot with any methods (sd ,nvme). I tried the maskrom mode, I can got the blink blue light, but my pc/mac/linux can’t get the usb device. after that, I used the ttl, I got below message from the console, any way I can recuse my board.

Make sure you have the correct Krescue and burn it onto the SD using Pi-imager.

Its a 2 step process with Krescue, then after you have SD dump formated use the wizard to install in emmc. It works perfectly. I had problems, mine turned out to be a flaky power supply. Make sure you have a good stiff power source that can handle at least 2000 mA sustained. Many of the powered USB hubs are only good for charging batteries not powering computer boards.

I have tried, but still not work. seems the default boot are still spi or corrupted, not initial the sd card boot for krescue. I am think something may corrupted on the board (software, hardware may ok).

I had the same thoughts with mine, even ordered some more of them to find out if it was/is bad. It was all the flaky power supply issue, noise is not your friend with digital equipment.

Hope you get it worked out, please let us know what you find out.

If you install a fresh Krescue on your SD be sure to wipe it out filling it all with zeros BEFORE moving forward.

We did have problems with the SD not being erased and when you laydown a fresh image all the old files were still present, not good. Try fully erasing by over writing the old, it takes a while but its the only way to be sure you have good data on the SD card.

I think I already fixed this issue. it is not a real hardware damage (the spi flash corrupted , some bad thing in flashing as you mentioned , may caused by sdcard or the flaky power supply). after checking the docs, this board use winbond spi flash, so my idea is to get rid of /skip the spi flash when boot the board. I removed the captain board and cool fan from the edge board, you will noticed the spi flash at the left lower corner, the 1st pin and second pin for this flash is CS and DO pin, use a tweezer to short-circuit two pins, then you can boot from your emmc or usb drive. If you have system or krescue in emmc or usb drive, pls erase the spi flash first when you boot into the system or kresuce, and set the first boot device to mmc ( normally, board will skip spi flash if it is blank). My board is back now, hope this can help you.

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