Edge Captain Board, M2 Socket and Wireless questions


I am considering purchasing :
EDGE Basic with AP6356S
Captain Board
LiPo Battery
MultiTouch LCD

For a project to build a custom, privacy oriented LTE hotspot, with added versatility.


  1. Is it possible to hook up an LTE modem to the M.2 socket on the Captain , using either your M2X extender or an extension such as this:
  1. Can you confirm whether AP6356S wifi and BT are fully working in mainline Linux ?

Thank you

Yes, the adapter you showed should can work on Captain, but the matter is the LTE modem you used on Edge? As I know so far, most of the LTE model is based on USB interface rather then PCIE.

Yes, both Wi-Fi ad BT of AP6356S can work on mainline linux.