Edge android Build Issue

Yes im trying to build new android Image

And now i want to install my version of Android OS (update.img)

But Im try emmc ver & external storage two options… but failed

1. External Storage

  • Copy update.img to window PC from Ubuntu PC
  • Run Etcher and select “update.img”
  • Error

2. emmc (at Ubuntu PC)

  • Download utils
  • Install Flash Tool
  • Edge2 connect PD cable & C-type debugging cable to Ubuntu PC
  • Edge2 into Upgrade Mode
  • lsusb | grep Rockchip ← couldn’t find

Try to use RKAndroidTool on a Windows PC.
When you built the firmware, did you copy the update.img from the Image folder inside rockdev and not the one from the root folder as the last one is not flashable.

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Yeah !! RKAndroidTool Work!!