EDGE Android 10.0 V201223 Rom Release

OK, found the solution to the USB issue: We used a TP Link PoE splitter to power the Edge Captain 12V DC Port. We as well powered the printer with a different PoE Splitter from Digitus (becouse of 24V) on the same switch. As soon as we used a 12V splitter from Digitus for the Captain we where able to connect to the printer without any problems.

We don’t know why but its working now… We will send the TP-Link splitter back and use the Digitus from now on…

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I can’t understand what you said, it’s better to have pictures, so I can analyze the reason.

Its not the fault of the board, the Poe Splitter from TP-Link is bad quality. Using the Digitus Splitter all is working.

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I hope Rockchip will support Android 10 better for RK3399.
Because at the moment it’s not fit for use for media playback.
You need box or tv firmware that supports HDMI out properly with switching frame-buffers, resolutions.
You can only use a 720p frame-buffer with tablet firmware so everything is up-scaled and worse quality, 4K, HDR, frame-rate switching not working correctly that even works on $40 Amlogic devices correctly.
So for media playback, only Android 9 is good to use.

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Hi, yes, I saw boxes for TV on AliExpress on Rockchip 3328 (3318), on Android 10

Seems only RK3328 supports Android box firmware at the moment and it won’t change.
But those devices you mention have very bad cooling, heating problems and mostly use DDR3 RAM which have problems with HDR playback too but overall the firmware does work better than RK3399 Android 10 since it’s not tablet firmware. S905X2/3 are much better.
I also contacted Rockchip and said RK3399 Android 10 box/tv firmware is important but haven’t heard back yet.

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I know from reviews that the temperature reaches 105 °, and the board itself has no ventilation holes.
“Wonder of Engineering”

@Vladimir.v.v that means can start making popcorn with their Tvbox, while they enjoy watching movies :rofl:

Buddy, if you manage to turn on this device, consider this a success, don’t even count on more

Anyboby , The latest firmware has been released, see the beginning.


Are there any known issues with “Upgrade Via USB Cable” in connection with Windows 10 V2004.
Since we made the Windows upgrade the device (Edge with or without Captain) can’t be found with the AndroidTool.exe

@MikesCo Are you using the corresponding version number?

Yes, uninstall and new installed it to make sure.

Ok, found the issue. We used a USB-C to USB-C Cable and this was not giving enough power to the board. (Error message showed on PC one of the many tries)

Using a USB-A to USB-C it worked without any issue.

FYI: After step “reset device SUCCESS” in the Androidtool it looped restarting. Only by plugging it into another power source (in our case with the captain) in started normally and finishing with the upgrade.

Just for Information, what are the different scenarios for using Loader or Maskrom mode?

looks like need to make new Android image for Krescue !? and forget about problems … :wink:

PS: we have one already https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/Krescue/images/Edge_Android_Pie_V191227.img.xz

Loader mode: firmware mode, which can be used to brush various images.

MaskROM mode: this mode is used to save brick machines. For example, bootloader / uboot fails to start and cannot enter loader mode to download normally.

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Is it possible to update Android-Q SDK code for Edge again?

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@mo123 The code will be updated this week or next.


Thanks, will be very useful.

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