Edge 2 still uses energy when off

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?


Please describe your issue below:

When the board is off it still uses ~ 8mA. I’ve noticed that for example the LED next to the USB 2 port is still on. Do you know if that is the only reason for the 8 mA or are there other things? Is there a way to turn off that LED as well when the board is off?

Hello @brunobiped

The extra power consumption is from the active onboard MCU and the LED it powers.
It’s possible to put the MCU to sleep after powering down the device.

ref. the MCU manual

From Ubuntu try executing the function to enable MCU sleep.

$ i2cset -y -f 2 0x18 0x2e 0x1

To disable MCU sleep

$ i2cset -y -f 2 0x18 0x2e 0x0


Thanks a lot. Do I have to do something special to be able to run these commands?

I receive “Error: Write failed” with error code one when I try. Same for root and khadas user.

Sorry the i2c node number was wrong, I changed it. please try again

Hey @Electr1,

thanks a lot. It works. Once off I can still measure 3 mA roughly. Any idea how I could lower that futher?

@brunobiped have the LEDs turned off as well ?

@Electr1 Yes. No LED is on

@brunobiped, that will most likely be the lower power consumption possible, as the Microcontroller needs to be operable to turn on the device later, completely turning it off won’t be possible.


@Electr1. Perfect. Thanks a lot for quick and responsive answer