Edge 2: Connecting cooling fan breaks adb via USB

When I connect the active cooling kit for the edge 2, its no longer detected on my PC via usb and no longer shows up via ADB. It also causes some instability, like it reboots when ever usb from the PC is connected. It works as intended when the collong fan is dosconnected. This also doesn’t happen with any other peripheral. The camera and display were also connected, but they work fine with adb. I even tested only with the cooling fan connected was able to replicate this bug. We ordered 3 edge 2 boards, all of them have the same bug.

Hello @adhitya.trinamix

@william.lin will help you then.

hi adhitya.trinamix
Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images? Can you tell me the fw version? (Settings → about device-> build number)

I used the office kahdas android 13 image for the edge 2 from November 2023 to test, edge2-android-13-v231123.

check point:
(1)One usb type c for power(right side), one usb type c for adb(left side).
(2)An External Power Supply may be required in cases where your PC cannot provide enough electrical power。
(3)Check for power short-circuit.