DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

yes, both of 905d/912 support dtv

@Frank.DTV We have R848+AVL6862 driver in LibreELEC. It should be possible to use it in any other Linux distro.

By the way: can you let me know if there’s any more recent SDK than 2.10.7-R848?


hi kszaq

  1. yes it should be also possible for other platform
  2. I have the same version driver AVL6862_2.10.7-R848, did you found any problem of it, if so , I can try to
    ask for new driver.

@Frank.DTV Our open source driver is based on driver written for TBS USB tuner, modified by user Afl1 to suit R848+AVL6862. It is only partly based on 2.10.7 driver, other things needed to be rewritten to work with Linux DVB API v5.

I noticed issues with tuning to DVB-T channels with 7MHz banwidth. They are not present in Android, only in Linux with open source driver.

for Android platform, I get the driver from demod/tuner provider, and embed it into my Android APK.

Vtv board like tuner part of KIII. s912 support two ts interface but we dont use simultaneously twin tuner with vtv board. May be final vtv board add two tuner. One tuner for watch secon tuner for streaming.
Look tecoding poplar board (hisilicone support six ts interface)
Who want to buy
Twin dvbs2/x
One dvbs /one dvbt/t2/c
Two dvbt/t2/c
Hardwer limited for s912 two ts interface
Otherhand I wish khadas vim2 pro has s912-h (dolby and dts licenced)

hi takitr,
yes, for the current design vTV board only support one TS input, we will consider twin tuner model in the future.

Add smarcard reader path for encrypted channels

hi takitr,
for the current PIN config, there is not more space for the smart card reader.
and anyway, we can use USB card reader if necessary.

Hello Frank.DTV, Any chance ATSC(US) tuner will be an option?

helll RDFTKV
yes, it’s also possible to support ATSC tuner board, software is ready(except VCHIP)
we would like to check if it’s necessary in the next release.

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Awesome project!! Thank you for sharing. Looking at VIM or VIM2 for a set top box project. Was just looking at new android usb otg ATSC tuners hoping that I could use a type c to mini adapter and get working on vim. This is better approach. Only in USA we do not have dbv/dvt. I also am very curious about ATSC. Would happily test/ purchase/ help to fund… How can we start a board with atsc tuner to test?

hi dkuchay, we will start VTV board with Combo DVB S2/T2/C first, about ATSC, we need to check for the next step. Anyway, we need to know how much requirement of VIM2+ATSC, or event OTT+ATSC, Could you help me on this kind of information? tks.

What about decoding encrypted DVB-C stream? I’m interested in CONAX Common Interface - like capability.

One option could be having software based Conditional Access Module like OSCam. In that way maybe it would be enough to plug in any Smart Card USB reader to read cable TV card for OSCam to retrieve certificates for channel decryption.

What are the options for this VTV board?

I’m really interested in buying one if there’s a chance I could get encrypted DVB-C channels to work with it :slight_smile:

Dear Gytis
1. Hardware CA is not supportted as you can see from the POGO pins there is not more interface for the CA/CI
2. Oscam is support

So in that case would USB smart card reader do the job for it?

As you said you’ll be focusing on Android, good news - there is OSCam for Android too :slight_smile:

I do have X Solo mini3 set-top box which runs OpenPLI. Even though it has integrated smart card reader, Conditional Access Module is software based - either OSCam or a few proprietary ones to choose from. Because OSCam is open source, that is my primary choice.

Is this GearBest link the direct way to pre-order your board? :slight_smile:

--- yes , usb card reader is supportted (e.g smartreader protocal)

---  yes
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I wonder, with the Extension Board mounted on top of VIM2 as in photo, is there a way to have the entire HW protected using original case parts. Perhaps with an extra kit containing screws and shafts?

hi tasinofan

for current design, we have to remove the case of VIM2
we will consider to make a new case for the whole part.


I need to ask, If Extension support Cccam Protocol in menu ?
do you have a Demo video about menu ?