DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

Hi Stefan, I have been able to run libreelec thanks to @kszaq in a vim2 and everything seems to work ok.

However regarding the TV expansion board in libreelec, although I’m seeing it ok in TV adapters tab, I think they are not working, as all the muxes are failing using the sat adapter and I can’t open any channel.

If I use an external sat->Iptv tuner (for example a digibit r1) my vim2 works ok with tvheadend and I can see any channel withoug problems.

This is where we are discussing this: LibreELEC for the VIM2


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Libreelec and VIM2 is clear.
About the vTV HAT, there is no working open source linux drivers at the moment and they can’t be compiled as well if you are not a C+ guru having the vendor source :slight_smile: This HAT and all boards on this chipset can be used only with Android. I make an “investigation” and the problem is much more complicated than just to compile some drivers from available source even it is sent by the vendor itself. Don’t push kszaq to help, because he can’t! Even with compiled drivers this board not work (tested) in linux, because they don’t work. The source spinning around is not the correct one! linux drivers are proprietary peace of software used in commercial linux based STBs. No drivers, no TV. I hope that soon, the chipset vendor will open their drivers, otherwise somebody have to write drivers and not to compile them.

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@Frank.DTV Can you please share device tree for the DTV Android build so that we can make sure the device tree we provide for LibreELEC is correct? Thank you.

dear kszaq,
please check below dts info that should be useful.

Hi all, the developers in libreelec forum need a dtv board and a vim2 in order to go ahead and see what is happening with this dtv board.
Investigations are now stuck until this happen.


I can send vTV board.
I have bought two and they are completely unusable for me without libreelec support. So contact me with the guys :slight_smile:


Hi Stefan,

Much appreciated that info. @afl1 from libreelec who is now working in the last 9.x libreelec version is the engineer that is stuck now and can’t progress any further without a physical hw.

You can check his last reply here after we were sending all the logs: https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/10649-khadas-vim2-and-dtv-board/?pageNo=6

I guess the best option is to send him a private message in libreelec or reply him in that post so that he can send you his personal address.

I don’t know if also @kszaq could help us having a physical hw but for sure @afl1 yes.


I already have the DTV board but unfortunately no DVB access to test anything.

I think the vTV vendor @Frank.DTV can also provide free samples for developers

Sorry for my delayed reply.
Yes, I can provide free sample for the developer.

@Gouwa, please help me to provide VTV to the developer who needs it, thanks.


So parking the issues with the modulator. Has anyone got the remote and spidf working in libreelec ?

Hi Frank.
I was asked on LE forum to fix DTV board issue in LibreELEC. I wrote dvb driver for similar board in Mecool K-series boxes based on AVL6862. In Vim2 the dvb driver is succesfuly intialized in DTV board. Tuner is able to lock to frequency but there are no data from demodulator. Basic difference between K-series and DTV is in type of data transfer (parallel vs. serial). Driver for demodulator is hardcoded for parallel transfer and it need some adjustment to enable serial data transfer. It’ll be welcome to have test sample. If you can provide me one, contact me on afl_2001@yahoo.com for post address.

Hi @Frank.DTV , @Gouwa

Please check above post to provide to afl1 a test sample. We need to unlock this libreelec issue.

Thank you.


So, a little more digging on my part reveals that though there is no specific option to select SPIDF on the board, it is enabled along with the SPIDF output on the HDMI port. It is possible that it is enabled on all audio settings by default. On Libreelec AC3 works using pass through and disabling support for AC3 receivers (ie transcoded).
Also I have managed to get a remote control config file for Libreelec partly completed and can share it if anyone needs a copy once I have added a little more polish. Once the basic configuration is set it can be fine tuned with Libreelec’s Keypad editor plugging.


dear @Rashii
OK, we will contact @afl1_1 and provide VTV board to him. thanks

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Have built a remote file for VIM2 on Libreelec. Forum won’t allow me to upload it so if anyone wants a copy get in touch. Not everything works (but most things do) but fairly much all the keys are mapped to Linux scancode’s which means that they can be remapped to whatever you want using KEYMAP editor plugging.
Loaded my Libreelec into Internal memory using SSH and script “installtointernal”. Didn’t boot first time, but the script tells you to re-run the script and it worked second time round.


Is there any Progress/News on a ATSC version of the VTV ?


No, still waiting for sample to arrive with LE developer.


Finally this week arrived VIM2 + VTV.
I started work to adopt AVL6862 driver to support VTV board.
Current driver support Mecool K-series devices. The main differences between Mecool and Khadas is how is AVL6862 demodulator connected to S912 hw demuxer. Mecool use parallel connection (8 bits) vs. Khadas serial.
Current open source AVL6862 driver by Luis Alves supports only parallel transfer.
Task to do:

  1. Modify device tree blob to serial connection and support lock led;
  2. Add serial support to AVL6862 driver;
  3. Update amlogic modules aml_dvb and aml_dmx to accept serial data from demodulator
    Work is in progress. The first two step are almost done.
    Currently I am very busy and I have no spare time to concentrate on 3. point

Good news, @afl1_1. Thnx for your job.