DUMP EMMC to USB… Horrible!

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official images

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New VM1S user, my app works fine but…

I want to create an image of the EMMC memory and copy it to a USB key…it’s simple and basic…but impossible to do with Khadas tools

There is a PC version for V1M and another for VM1S you have to run exe for the drivers go back to another directory …and at the end it doesn’t work (windows 8.1), I can’t store the Dump on a USB Key… I feel like I’m going back 20 years!

Can you help me to do this (do not describe me the manual I have already read it 15 times without success)

My need, DUMP EMMC to USB and DUMP USB to EMMC

Thank for your feed back

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use OOWOW integrated tool to dump from EMMC to micrsd/USBKEY/write to EMMC from microsd/USBKEY

Thank you Pappicio BUT backup and restore don’t work…I go back to Raspberry PI more reliable.

OOWOW [Khadas Docs] embedded services always with your board, i think its easiest way

NO NO NO doc is not enough
what i have done

  1. my application in installed and run properly (Jeedom, Iot tool under Docker)
  2. a dump is done of the EMMC and the file store to an USB key
  3. the EMMC is totaly cleared
  4. a restore is done from the USB key to EMMC (status OK)
  5. Khadas start but NOTHING , “Khadas window” is no more displayed : All my work is lost !
  6. feedback to factory mode, Khadas window and** OOWOW **displayer
  7. a restore is done from the USB key to EMMC (status OK)
    This process is basic ! isn’t it
    I give up
    Board is sent back to Amazon, i hope my bad experience will help you to improve your product

better send me more detail to PM maybe i can solve this problem if its still interesting !!!

PS: DUMP/RESTORE this features tested many times and must works well every time, only two reason i can see 1) dump was made from broken system, or other 2) some hardware problem!!!

PSS: any ways i will be happy if u provide me any information