Dual Hardware Video Decoding

Hi, is it possible to play 2 Videos at the same time on the Khadas VIM (with HW Acceleration and HW Decoding). It’s essential for my usecase that it is able to play atleast 2 videos at the same time with 30fps.

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Hi, Dominik:
Does your project need 4K or 1080P with 2 videos decoding at the time? And you want to use Android OS, right?

If more information would be helpful.


HI, 1080p would be fine, and yes Android OS , I would even preferer an own compiled android version from the khadas source

Hi, Dominik:
I think the processor support dual video decoding, but we still need to further testing first before the final confirmation.

BTW, may I know why you need this features? is it for digital signage?

I am working for a german digital signage software manufacturer and we are evaluating your board for further usage with customers. Our goal is to distribute an android box with an modified android os version that contains our digital signage software pre-installed with system rights aswell as some other custom made things (own launcher, VPN etc). As of right now we have already tried out ALOT devices (Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player, Geekbox, HighKey just to name a few). The Nexus Player was perfect but was canceled by google and the geekbox is promising but kind of a let down since it doesn’t support multiple video decoding and has a high hardware failure rate (we ordered 5 and 3 were broken).

So , it’s pretty hard for us to find a device that suits our needs:

  • OpenSource
  • Atleast Android 5
  • Multiple Videos at the same time

Did you do any test on Khadas VIM about dual video decoding yet? Or can you tell us some players that support dual video playing?

@Gouwa No tests on the Khadas yet. We’ve ordered 3 Khadas pro but they have a shipping time of 10 - 15 days.
I think the geekbox supported 2 videos at the same time , aswell as the Google Nexus Player(discontinued).

I see, if any technical issues, just let us know.

@Gouwa, If anything pops up I will let you now. I am currently already compiling android nougat for the khadas on my ubuntu machine so I am ready to rock when the hardware arrives.

Just note that we will got Nougat updating in these days. :smile:

:smiley: , Atleast you guys are pushing updates looking at you geekbox :angry:

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Hey @Gouwa we are currently running tests on the Khadas, the box is pretty fast but we have some issues sadly. We’re not able to play 2 h.264, 30fps videos at the same time. I’ve attached the log for the amlogic player. Do we have to use software decoding? Right now we are trying to use hardware acceleration.


@Terry please follow up this.

The link https://pastebin.com/prmj6r4L is invalid.
What’s the player support dual video playing?
Can you provider the h264,30fps video for me?

There used to be the log-output from while trying to play the videos.
I’ll see if I can retrieve that log again, from what I remember it only printed information about the used decoder and that it cannot init a second decoder of the same type (which is a must have for our digital signage purpose).

You can find the videos I’ve tested with here :

The specific usecase is that we want to have 2 VideoViews next to each other which play simultaneously.

Can you provider the application for me to test?

Hey @Terry , I can’t find the application anymore on my drive, it was really simple, Just a normal Android Application where I added 2 VideoViews and set them to different Media Files.

Ok,I will develop a application with two VideoViews to test .Thanks.

@Terry , Let me know if you find something interesting, the importing thing is that use 2 videos of the same codec. (h264 mp4 for example)

I’m sorry for this. The amlogic don’t support to play 2 videos at the same time.
I developed a application with two VideoViews , but it did’t work.
It need to add another framebuffer and modify the video decoder library.
It is unfortunate that the video decoder library is not open source .