Dual Boot Android/AndroidTV


it is my first post here. i just managed to update my VIM2 Pro to the new nougat version, since I acidentally updated su and got a bootloop.
I was searching for a dualboot for VIM2 with the android nougat version and the superceleron androidTV, but didnt found.
Its something that a newbie can create with instructions or can only be done by advanced users?

There are a lot of problems updating with a micro card.
It would be a far more guaranteed result to update from another computer using USB. Just remember to provide power to the Khadas through one of the other USB ports so that it is not exclusively powered by the updating PC.

Which problems do you refer to for example?
I have no windows PC but I must have reinstalled VIM2 Android maybe 5 times from SD card.

I updated using USB cable.
But my original question was if already exists a dual boot Android/Android TV. If isn’t available, is simple to create (then I can create myself) or not (then I have to ask somebody with more knowledge to do it).

The card problems I get are from unreliability of the card.
More times than not there is referential integrity problems with the data on the card. You can’t get these kinds of problems if you update from a pc - just saying