Driving ability of Khadas Tone2 Pro?

Hi there guys…
just a quick question here…
in my collection most of my iems are somewhere between 10 & 32 Ohms of impedance
is this dac/amp suitable for driving these iems up to their full potential ???
thanks a lot in advance

Yep, Tone2 Pro works in two gain modes for both low & high impedance.

To drive the low impedance headphone, you might need to set as low gain mode(default mode), more details will be avaialble on the usermanual.

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Thanks for the info
I suppose Tone2 Pro supports USB C as far as charging goes right??

Hello, Yes, as explained in this thread’s original post, Tone2 Pro will have two USB-C ports, one for power…
"Separate USB-C for data & power: Dual USB-C ports for separating data and power, use an optional 5V linear power supply which will take higher priority over USB power".

Both USB-C ports can power the Tone2 Pro, the I2S port designed for Lenear Power Supply.

More details available: https://www.khadas.com/tone2pro

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Really sorry, but i do not understand what you really mean here…
i really need to know if Khadas Tone2Pro is a “power supply independent” dac/amp
i mean…is it using power from another dap(for example Hiby R3/R5 ) or a smartphone using type-c connectivity???
Or is it a rechargeable unit using 5V adaptors???
sorry for bothering you again…
thanks in advance, ALEXANDROS

@Alexandros_Acholos the second USB-C port is for stabilised DC, to prevent any noise interference in the audio and maintain signal integrity.

the DAC doesn’t have any battery, it requires power during operation.

Both connections below works:

  • Use one USB-C cable for both Power and USB data
  • Use two USB-C Cable, and one for USB data, other one(I2S port) for power

Good day!

Thanks Gouwa,
I assume that it draws power from any dap/smartphone which is connected to, and uses that power for operatiion
Am I right?

So… the dac draws & uses power from let’s say another dap or smartphone when it’s connected to it, using type c connection???

Yep, you are right.

Have fun!

Thanks bro… That’s important to me as i am planning to use Khadas with HIBY R3/R5
So… In this case as you suggest power & data use the same USB - C port, correct??
And if I may also ask, the output impedance of 4.4 balanced out on Khadas (2.4 ohm I think) would you think it could be an issue regarding driving sensitive iems there? (16Ohms and lower?)
Thanks in advance, Alexandros