Download for Manjaro ARM

I was on the process to download Manjaro ARM from the khadas third party firmware website
I saw 2 files,KDE and MATE which one do i need to download ?

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KDE is fro the KDE Desktop Environment and Mate is for Mate Environment.

Download Mate if you like Lightweight Desktop version, while KDE has more application than Mate in terms of GUI.

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Is it the,
Manjaro-ARM-mate-vim3-preview1.img.xz ?

I wanted to try this version too. How should I upload the img file. Did you install it? What is the kernel version if you installed it?

I am positive that its based on the Mainline kernel (5.x)…
not sure which specific one…

Hello, I used Rufus to write the img file to an SD card. My VIM3 has Khadas’ Ubuntu installed to eMMC. I inserted the SD card and powered on the VIM3, booted to the Manjaro. Noticed the tint issue, I don’t recall the fix for that, other than erasing eMMC. I think a better solution exists, but cannot recall where at the moment.
vim3/xfce/20.06 kernel