Download 2D drawing

how can I download Khadas tone board 2D Drawing (XDF format) ? the download link doesn’t work, no zip file opens, just a page with a lot of symbols. how can i do ?

Hello, Right-click the link and select “save link as” or similar. Once you have downloaded the dxf file, if you do not have the software to open the file, you can use an online viewer such as,

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Having same issue. The 3D opens a page with a download, but the 2D link does not, just opens a page with code.

Can someone provide a working link for 2D drawing?


Hello, You need to right-click the link and select “Save link as” or similar. Just downloaded now.
Your browser is attempting to open the DXF file, that is why you see the gibberish.

I am not getting the download link is the problem. When I click on 3D, it opens another link I can download from.

The 2D link does not open the second link which allows the download. You cannot select save as from the first link.

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If you Right-click( if on Android, long-press) this link, then select “Save link as”, it will save the dxf file on your device. Depending on your operating system/device, it may not say " Save link as", it may say something similar like, “Download link”, " Save target", etc.
Let me know if you don’t get the file.

OK - that worked. It was a little confusing, as the 3D link went to a second link.

At any rate, I got what I needed.

Thank you very much for all the help, and patience.


But…it is not to scale!! At least when I open it up with the online viewer. I “save as” a PDF, and print it off, but it is no template, it is far too large.

Is there anything available, that is to scale, that I can use as a template to drill holes for mounting?


I don’t have access to a printer at the moment for testing. Also, I have little experience with CAD programs, so it will be difficult for me to help further on this.

Update: In the 3D zip file, there is a folder named PDF, in that folder is a PDF of the Tone board named “Tone Board v13.PDF”. While I do not know if that will print the right size, it does have measurements of the holes’ location.
Hope it helps

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Hey Ho,

@mgh24, sorry I didn’t see your thread earlier. Yes @RDFTKV is correct, the file “Tone Board v13.PDF” is indeed to-scale, at 1:1.

As long as you print it out at 100% on an A4-portrait or larger piece of paper, with scaling on your printer turned-off, it will be a 1:1 size.

Regarding .dxf files, I notice that the file’s “real-estate” is always resized to the size of the drawing. This means that if the device is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, then the “real-estate” = “device size”. Hence if you print that, your printer might incorrectly decide to scale it up to A4-size…again you have to tell the printer to stop scaling it.

Hope this helps!
You Jun