Dolby Vision on vim3?

Dear khadas developers, what are our chances?? I would really like it !!!

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Zero, because it requires a Dolby license.
Khadas will then need to release a new Vim3 device with the license included and no apps will still be able to use it.

I now have Superceleron firmware, when I turn on movies in 4K, they should automatically turn on HDR, so it is, but not with all the films, why? Of course, I can manually turn on HDR, but it would be right if it turned on automatically!!
Let me explain , I have sony xf9005(Dolby vision and HDR10+ support) + vim3 pro with Superceleron firmware, everything suits me! From knowledgeable people, someone can say I need Dolby Vision support for vim3 or not? give thanks!

I do not agree with you(Dolby Vision license will be enough ), khadas vim3, has powerful enough technical specifications for video decoding up to Dolby vision, and it’s enough to implement it at the firmware level (this is of course my opinion), I’m still waiting for a response from khadas specialists! Thanks you!

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I knew decoding on app level requires some sort of license from Dolby. I didn’t know hardware has to embed a Dolby license as well. Is that what you meant?

They have to release a new device with a S922X-H(or maybe different letter that also includes Dolby Vision and not just audio) processor that contains the necessary Dolby hardware and software licenses included and already prepaid to Dolby Laboratories.

Eg, Beelink needed to release a new GT-King device with a S922X-H processor like here

Amlogic releases different chipsets for manufacturers depending on if they need Dolby licenses or not and that’s how their contracts and licencing terms works with Dolby Laboratories.

I used it as an example to show that you need a new chipset for Dolby Vision, that is all.
In no way did I promote it and say it’s a good device, it’s not my fault Khadas’s forum software extends links and shows photos instead of just a link for further information.

But good luck with Dolby Vision.
Khadas can explain it themselves since I won’t waste my time further on it and you can then be rude to them instead.

There is no evidence that GTKING s922x-H supports dolby vision.

The official manual only proves that it supports dolby audio and DTS.

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yes, he mixed everything up :joy:.
The a311d processor has great features!
here are my evidence!

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That’s really interesting.

In this link, though, I read that Dolby license is required if hosting system wants to decode it – if audio passthrough, however, then no license is required.

Now do you think there is such thing for video stream – if one does not need to “transcode” HDR into SDR, for example, and only wish to “passthrough” the video stream to a DV-capable TV – do you think such a hardware license is still required?

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in extreme cases, there will be such an option!
Now Dolby Vision technology, created by Dolby Labs for working with HDR video, is available on a limited number of devices for the reason that its support must be performed primarily at the hardware level, that is, it was laid down at the development stage. However, soon it will be possible to add it as a software function by updating the firmware even on the equipment that was not originally designed for it. Thus, we have three options for implementing Dolby Vision - fully hardware, hardware-software, and fully software.


there is evidence that he does not support anything at all probably …

costs s922x-A, instead s922x-H?